Our Show

The Wild Kat Show is committed to creating a platform for social entrepreneurs, small business, artists, musicians and the unsung heroes who have been overlooked by the mainstream media, yet are worthy of an audience. It is our goal to allow these talented individuals to present themselves through an accessible medium in a fun yet educational manner. Not only does our show help to bring public recognition to these individuals, it brings to the public eye quality art, fashion and entertainment sources, as well as new business ventures, social justice issues, non-profit organizations and cause related entities. Tune in and join us as we laugh our way to enlightenment!

Kathleen "Wild Kat" Tan
kat_16+copyMake no assumptions about this pretty face! Kathleen “Wild Kat” Tan, a native of the Philippines, immigrated to the USA when she was just ten years old and was immediately enrolled into a crash course of American Culture. Street smart and ridiculously witty, Kat utilizes her insatiable personality to delve into the comfort zone of her guests, making them feel right at home and allowing for extremely entertaining interviews. Kat has an impressive background in business management, event planning and marketing and has been a dynamic icon in the DC social scene. Mixing business with pleasure is what Kat does best... which is the reason for her title of "Wild Kat".


James Bovell
James Bovéll is the President and CEO of The Mushin Project. He is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in business, technology and fitness. He is also a certified 2nd degree black belt martial arts instructor.The Mushin Project is a professional development and training company that specializes in teaching corporate leaders the skills and tools needed to achieve maximum performance in their personal and professional lives.As a Maximum Performance Coach, James helps clients overcome obstacles to success by applying his extensive knowledge of human behavior and how it affects relationships in various environments. Developing practical, customized action plans with his clients provides them measurable tools to help manage their behavior for greater success.