Binx in the City

It's hard to imagine the cool days of fall in the midst of these 90 degree highs... But there's no denying that fall fashion is out and about and hitting the stores at full force... And I'm loving it all!

Start saying goodbye to the coral you wore all spring and summer long and get ready for pairing burgundy with bubble gum pink... Put those sandals away and reach for your cutest pair of ankle booties... And dust off those blazers, girls, b/c you'll be needing them soon!

Okay, I exaggerate... Fall isn't THAT close... But that just gives us more time to put together some fabulous outfits to rock when the seasons do change!

Binx :)

The Mushin Hour – Extended

In the business publication media, a lot of press is given to best practices in business that elevate the act of failing to a level of reverence. You may have undoubtedly heard the quote, “Want to succeed faster? Double your failure rate!” That approach may work well for the business world but we all know its the death knell for our personal lives. Just imagine screwing up so much that you’re constantly creating more sorrow and regret in your life. Does that sound like a life plan you can endorse? After all, your personal life failures is not some case study filled with quantitative teaching points you can debate at Harvard Business School.

You are an emergent person. Your life is dynamic. Everything matters. All the elements of your past, present, and potential future play a part in you becoming the person you are at each moment. You shouldn’t have to live to regret that.

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